Sunday, 2 August 2009

Maleficent Fiends of Doom and Terror, Part 2 : Dr Gogol in MAD LOVE (1935)

This man wants to be Pygmalion. Now all he needs is a woman unlucky enough to play Galatea...
NAME : Gogol.
OCCUPATION : Surgeon. Correction - a really great surgeon.
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Bald. Short. Bug-eyed. Massive overcoat (black). Snappy dresser. Slight trace of a German accent. Occasionally prone to going out of an evening wearing dark swimming goggles, a big hat, a neck brace and large metal hands.

ORIGINS : An eminent surgeon operating in Paris. Gogol is an expert in transplants for amputees and is said to work mainly with deformed children and mutilated soldiers.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES AND/OR INFERIORS :Yvonne Orlac (the object of his unhealthy attention). Stephen Orlac (the cursed husband who also happens to be quite a big pianist). Dr Wong (assistant surgeon). Land lady (often drunk). A pet cockatoo. A waxwork of Yvonne in his bedroom (every home should have one).

PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION : To conquer science. To possess Yvonne or failing that to stalk, dupe and cajole her husband into situations of murder, circus tricks and depravity. Will achieve this through wearing dark glasses, a large hat and biiiiiiiig metal hands. Oh, and amputating Mr Orlac's hands following an horrendous train crash, and replacing them with those of a recently executed murderer. Simple.

PRONE TO SAY : " Each man kills the thing he loves!! "

AMBITIONS AND DESIRES : To watch every single performance of the beautiful and talented actress Yvonne Orlac from his lonely, shadowed box. To send her flowers, pay her compliments, take every opportunity to caress her fingers or fur coat, and then lock her away in a room somewhere so no one else can see her ever EVER EVER! Yvonne. Or failing that Yvonne's extremely life-like waxwork figure (purchased from Les Theatre des Horreurs). Well it's a talking point, eh? Also enjoys viewing public executions (preferably by guillotine).


FIEND SCALE : 7 out of 10.

ANYTHING ELSE : He's 100% nuts.

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