Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Evil That Men With Facial Hair Do, Part 3 : Prospero in THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (1964)

Name : Prospero.

Height : 6 ft (6.5 in very silly hat).

Notable Others : Juliana (Prospero's wife and future bride of Satan), Francesca (a red headed wench), Alfredo (sadistic lecher).

Status : Prince, Tyrant, Castle owner.

Distinguishing Features : Handsome. Middle ages. Foppish. Fine clothes made of velvet and silk. Silly hats (very). Tights (very).

Prone to Say : " I'm not corrupting. I'm instructing. "

Likes : Beating peasants. Running over peasants. Masques (or other social gatherings to show off wealth and power). Making peasants beg for mercy/their lives/food. Burning a peasants village to the ground. Red headed wenches. Sword fights to the death involving peasants. Rewarding homicidal dwarves with gold for fine jests. The Lord of Flies - The Devil. Humiliation (others). Death (others). Watching dwarves dance. Silly hats.

Dislikes : The colour red (unless on a lady/wench's hair). The Red Death. Love. Anything nice.

Interests : Falconry. Wenching. Satanism. Interior decoration.

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