Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cute, but Evil Part 3: The Davies Child AKA The ' Mutant Baby ' from IT'S ALIVE (1974)

" It's Alive. "

I think.

Name : Master Davies (first name unknown).

Occupation : Crazy bat-shit homicidal mutant baby.

Age : A week old.

Weight : 1 stone-ish.

Appearance : Bulbous eyes. Grey skin. Razor sharp teeth. Rat-like claws. Long muscular arms. Presumably has legs too (never witnessed). Super strong. Super fast. Unusually intelligent. A bit different from most babies in the fact it can kill a room full of people in under a minute. One ugly, gruesome motherfucker.
Notable Others : Frank Davies (father), Lenore Davies (mother), Chris Davies (older brother), Larry Cohen (creator).

Favourite Weapons : Favours its teeth when ripping out the odd jugular. But is also known to use claws.

Prone to Say : Not much apart from the occasional scream. Sounds like a cross between tyres screeching and a rabid monkey.

Interests : Milk.

Likes : Milk. Chewing off umbilical cords. Biting. Ripping. Milk. Killing adults who shout or scream. Really likes killing the police. Milk. Smashing up bedrooms and schools. Milk (hmmm milk).

Dislikes : Milk men. Doctors and nurses. The police. Dodgy scientists who claim to be the leading men in the field of mutations. Cats. Friends of the family. Radiation or chemically infected birth control or fertility pills. Guns.

Location : St George Medical Center in Santa Monica and/or the Island of the Alive.

Anything Else : If you or anyone you know or will know or have known come into contact or have any information upon the whereabouts or the identity of the baby, talk softly and feed with milk. He love the milk.

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