Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Old Dark Houses, Part 15 : Room service - Kong shows what Eighth Wonder's can do in KING KONG (1933)

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  1. Looking at those pics of "The Eighth Wonder" show, I'm surprised Rob Zombie hasn't done another song: "All Hail Jesus Kong!" :)

    Excellent grabs--I know the scenes with Kong chewing on the guy in the tux and esp. the one where he drops the "Not Fay Wray" girl out the window of the Empire State building were cut from a lot of TV edits, and I think that fact leads to a different interpretation of the movie. Without those scenes (and ones of him grinding natives into the dire with his heel earlier on), it's much easier to see Kong as extremely sympathetic, a hapless Beast kidnapped from his home because of his fascination with Beauty. The sympathy is still there in the uncut version, but with those scenes added it becomes clearer that he's not just some lovable, misunderstood teddy bear. Sure, he didn't ask to be brought to NY, but still--he's a MONSTER, and he has to be stopped!


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