Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cute, but Evil Part 4: Marcus in NIGHT HAIR CHILD (1972)

This is Marcus.

He's an outstanding pupil.

I swear.

Name : Marcus.

Age : 12 years.

Appearance : Scruffy blonde 70s hair. Vacant expression. Flares. Pastel jumpers.

Notable Others : Paul (father), Elise (step mother), Sarah (deceased mother), Trotsky (German Shepherd).

Prone to Say : " Curiosity was her downfall. "

Interests : Phrenology. Being intellectually superior to everyone else. Playing the bongos. Chelsea FC. His dog Trotsky.

Likes : Drowning his dog Trotsky. Killing parents. Electrocution in baths. Tampering with car brakes. Staring into space. Swedish step mothers who take off their clothes. Being alone. Monosyllabic responses to normal questions. Drawing disturbing pictures. Voyeurism. Expulsion from school. Cold chicken and salad. Feeling step mother's breasts when she's talking on the phone. Stealing money. Swinging a cricket bat with menace. Driving those he's not allowed to kill insane.

Dislikes : Step mothers. Step mothers who wont perform "exchanges" for information. Chickenpox. School. Almost being beaten up by "courting couples" one is spying on. Being told he's a "freak" or a "dirty little schoolboy ".

Location : Spain.

Anything Else : Plans to murder his father for the insurance and run off with his step mother. Needs to look where he's going though.

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