Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Cute, but Evil Part 2: Rhoda Penmark aka THE BAD SEED (1956)

This is one bad seed.


Name : Rhoda Penmark.

Occupation : At school.

Age : Eight.

Height : 3 foot-ish.

Appearance : Blonde, blue eyed psychopath with various distinctive homicidal tendencies (frowning a lot, smiling for no reason, hair in bunches).

Prone to Say : " I don't feel anything at all, " or " Give... Me... Back... My... SHOOOOOOESSS!! "

Interests : Playing the same tune on the piano over and over again. Collecting pretty, shiny trophies from her victims. Keeping everything nice and tidy and orderly. Skipping. Tap-dancing. Playing with matches. Oh, and killing people.

Likes : Father. Presents from father. Mother (the prettiest, sweetest mother in the world). Aunt Monica the landlady. Giving out baskets of kisses and receiving baskets of hugs (whatever the hell that is). Popsicles. Setting fire to Lee Roy (the weird, creepy gardener). Pushing old ladies down the stairs.

Dislikes : Dirt. Mess. Blue jeans or any scruffy clothes. Lee Roy. Being called ' Miss Goody Goody ' or ' Miss Uppity '. Claude Dagle (her 8 year old class mate). Being asked whether she knew anything about why Claude Dagle drowned. The word ' no '. Almost being overdosed with sleeping pills. Lightning.

Location : Can be found here.

Anything Else : Do not feed after dark or expose to bright light.

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